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Tim Dolzine

Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute Repairs


Tim Dolzine Woodwinds is permanently closed.


As of July 2023, I have relocated to Boston, MA where I will working for The Boston Sax Shop. 


Thank you to everyone who helped to grow this business and for all the great years serving the

music community of New Orleans.

About Tim Dolzine

     Tim began playing saxophone at a young age, and it has always been an important part of his life.  While in college he started learning flute and clarinet to gain a better understanding of the woodwind family and expand his abilities as a musician and performer.  Since graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Jazz Studies from University of the Arts in Philadelphia in 2008, Tim has continued to study and perform.

    In 2012 Tim began working as a teacher, inventory manager, & sales associate at the Flute Pro Shop in Wilmington, DE.  It was during this time he met master repair technician and future mentor, David Kee.  Shortly after he began working for the Flute Pro Shop, David expressed a need for help in the repair shop and offered Tim an apprenticeship.  It was under David's tutelage that Tim learned the basics of woodwind instrument repair & handled the summer school accounts that came through the shop.  In 2016 Tim relocated to New Orleans and continued to study and grow as a technician while honing his craft. In 2023 Tim closed his shop in New Orleans and accepted a job as repair technician with The Boston Sax Shop. 

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